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Full-Time Officer Employment



The Tomah Police Department is CURRENTLY accepting applications to establish an eligibility list for a full time Police Officer and future vacancies as they come. This is an on-going recruitment process and there is no deadline to apply.

An electronic submission (Fax or E-Mail) of your application packet will NOT be accepted.

Please contact us with any questions:

Lieutenant Scott Holum at 608-374-7409 // SHOLUM@TOMAHPOLICE.COM
- or -
Lieutenant Ron Waddell at 608-374-7407 // RWADDELL@TOMAHPOLICE.COM

Thank You!

Click HERE to get the application packet!
(PDF file that contains application packet and DJLE330 form. Click on the PDF fill in form if you wish to complete a typed version of the form to send in with the application packet.)

The following qualifications and standards are established to insure hiring the best candidate for employment.  The minimum qualifications are:
    - Must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of Wisconsin upon hire.
    - Must be at least 18 years of age.
    - Must possess a valid Wisconsin Driver's License at the time of employment.
    - Must possess a minimum of 60 semester hour/credits from an accredited institution of higher learning.
    - Must be of good moral character as determined by a psychological evaluation.
    - Vision corrected to 20/20.
    - Preference is given to those possessing a Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board certification.
    - No felony or domestic abuse related convictions.

Selection Process
- Applications for employment may be made to:
            Lieutenant Ron Waddell or Lieutenant Scott Holum
            Tomah Police Department
            805 Superior Avenue
            Tomah, WI  54660
            (608) 374-7407 // (608) 374-7409

Applicants must submit a comprehensive letter of application, a current resume, a DJ-LE-330, and provide the additional information as noted on page two of the application packet. APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED FOR ADVERTISED VACANCIES ONLY! Applications are screened and those who appear to meet the minimum requirements will be invited to take a physical fitness exam. Those applicants who successfully complete the fitness test will be required to successfully complete the following steps:
        - A written test.
        - A Personnel Evaluation Performance test.
        - An oral interview with the members of the Police Department Staff.
        - An oral interview with Police and Fire Commission.
        - A comprehensive background investigation.
        - A psychological and medical examination, to include a drug screen. This step is performed after
          a conditional offer of employment has been made.
        - A 12 month probationary period is required for new applicants. This may be extended if needed.

The physical fitness test is conducted as a pass or fail test. To advance through the fitness testing, you must pass each test. If you do not pass the fitness test, you will not be invited to take the written test or the PEP test that follows. The following is the minimum requirements required to receive a passing score:
    - Vertical Jump: 15.5"
    - One (1) Minute Sit-Up: 30 Reps
    - 300 Meter Run: 66 Seconds
    - One (1) Minute Push-Up: 25 Reps
    - One and One-Half (1.5) Mile Run: 15:54 Minutes

* All testing is provided at no expense to the applicant, however, travel expenses are not reimbursable or covered. Any step in the process may eliminate an applicant. Completion of all steps does not guarantee employment. The Tomah Police Department is committed to conducting a fair and non-biased employment process.

** The Tomah Police Department is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER **

Benefits - New Employee
The information provided below is subject to negotiated change and based upon the 2015-2016 Tomah Professional Police Association union contract. This is may not be a complete list of benefits provided to employees. Other benefits include accrued compensatory time, an option to participate in the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation program, call-in pay, court time, shift premium, overtime assignments, and training opportunities.
        - Beginning base pay for a Police Officer is $47,465.60 (January 1, 2016). The City has the ability
          to start a new employee at a higher rate than entry level based on the qualifications and experience
          of the applicant. Top patrol pay is $50,190.40 (January 1, 2016) after 10 years of service.
        - After one year of service, employees receive 5 days, 10 days after two years, 15 days after
          eight years, 20 days after twelve years, 25 days after twenty years, and 30 days after 25 years
          of service.
    Paid Holiday
        - 8.5 paid holidays per year, along with two floating holidays.
    Sick Leave
        - Employees receive one (1) day of sick leave per month upon hire.
    Personal Day
        - Employees receive one (1) day per year to be used from their sick leave accumulation.
    Medical Insurance
        - Insurance premiums for single coverage is up to 15% of City premium per month.
        - Insurance premiums for family coverage is up to 15% of City premium per month.
        - Normal retirement is at age 53 with 25 or more years of service.  A contribution of 7.0% to the
          State Retirement System is required for new employees.
    Uniforms and Uniform Allowance
        - The Department provides initial issue of all uniforms, duty belt, and ballistic vest.
        - Applicants will be required to acquire a personally owned handgun consistent with the
          Department polices for duty purposes.
        - At the beginning of the first full year, Officers are allowed a $600 uniform allowance per year.
        - Uniformed Officers work 8.5 hour days on a yearly fixed shift with four days on, two days
          off. Shifts are picked annually by seniority. Current shifts are 6AM to 230PM, 10AM to 630PM, 2PM to 1030PM,
          7PM to 330AM, 10PM to 630AM.
    Educational Incentive
        - College level courses taken with a degree-producing program are reimbursed up to 50% of one course
        per semester.

Career Opportunities
    - Field Training Officer
    - DARE / GREAT Officer
    - K-9 Officer
    - Investigator
    - Monroe County Combined Tactical Unit
    - Promotions or Supervisor Opportunities

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** WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING applications at this time to establish an eligibility list for a full time Police Officer. This is an on-going recruitment and there is no deadline. An electronic submission of your application packet will not be accepted. **

Thank you for your interest in employment with the
Tomah Police Department

* Click HERE to get the application packet *

DJ-LE-330 (Word - Fill In)
DJ-LE-330 (PDF - Fill In)

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