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** Please only submit vehicles that are in violation of the City Ordinance for Junk vehicles **

Sec. 44-284.  Definition.
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
Vehicle  means a motor vehicle, trailer, semi-trailer or mobile home, whether or not such vehicle is registered under Wis. Stats. ch. 341. 
(Code 1993, § 7.10(2))

Sec. 44-285.  Prohibited.
No person shall abandon any vehicle unattended within the city for such time and under such circumstances as to cause the vehicle to reasonably appear to be abandoned.
(Code 1993, § 7.10(1))

Sec. 44-286.  Presumption of abandonment.
Any vehicle left unattended for more than 48 hours on any public street or grounds or on private property where parking is prohibited, limited or restricted, without the permission of the owner or lessee, is deemed abandoned and constitutes a public nuisance, provided that the vehicle shall not be deemed abandoned under this section if left unattended on private property out of public view by permission of the owner or lessee.
(Code 1993, § 7.10(3))

Sec. 44-287.  Removal; impoundment; sale.
Any vehicle found abandoned in violation of this section shall be impounded by the police department until lawfully claimed or disposed of as provided in this section. If the chief of police or his authorized representative determines that towing costs and storage charges for the minimum impoundment period would exceed the value of the vehicle, the vehicle may be junked or sold prior to the expiration of the impoundment period upon determination by the chief of police that the vehicle is not wanted for evidence or any other reason, provided that vehicles in excess of 19 model years of age shall be sold or disposed of only by auction, sale or sealed bid.
(Code 1993, § 7.10(4))

Sec. 44-288.  Minimum impoundment period.
The minimum period of impoundment or storage of a vehicle found in violation of this section shall be ten days.
(Code 1993, § 7.10(5))

Sec. 44-289.  Notice to owner.
The officer removing or causing the removal of any vehicle found in violation of this section shall immediately notify the chief of police of the abandonment and location of the impounded vehicle and shall within ten days thereafter notify the owner and lien holders of record by certified mail of the impoundment and of their right to reclaim the vehicle. The notice shall set forth the information contained in Wis. Stats. § 342.40(3) and shall state that the failure of the owner or lien holders to exercise their rights to reclaim the vehicle shall be deemed a waiver of all right, title and interest in the vehicle and a consent to sale of the vehicle.
(Code 1993, § 7.10(6))