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Accident reporting


Wisconsin Department of Transportation has a new on-line form for reporting accidents that occur after January 1, 2017.

If the Police respond to the accident scene and indicate that they will be completing an accident report for you, you do not need to complete the on-line form. Instances where this on-line form may be used is where the involved drivers exchange information in a reportable minor accident, a reportable single vehicle parking lot accident or a reportable accident that is reported after the fact.

When to Report a Crash
Per Wisconsin Statute 346.70(1), any crash within the State of Wisconsin must be reported when it results in:
- Injury of a person
- $1,000 or more damage to any person's vehicle or property
- Damage of $200 or more to state or other government-owned property other than a vehicle.

NOTE: If you received a letter from the Department of Transportation stating you were involved in a reportable crash and requesting you to complete a report, you must complete a crash report.

How to Report a Crash
Information you need before starting your crash report:
- Driver license number
- Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
- Social security number
- Vehicle insurance information
** I​f any motorist involved in a crash/accident is uninsured additional forms will need to be completed under the ​safety responsibility law.

If applicable, you may upload a diagram of your crash by either scanning or taking a photo and uploading it using a camera or smartphone. This is the easiest method to upload your diagram. Please do not upload images of your vehicle as these may not be an official part of your crash report. For examples of appropriate diagrams, use the help menu on the diagram upload page.

If law enforcement is called to the crash, then law enforcement may complete the report. If law enforcement does not file the report and the crash occurred in 2017, you will need to complete the Wisconsin Driver Report of Crash DT4002.

If you need assistance, please use this FAQ and definition document. Please note, the crash form application will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity and you will lose your information. On average, a crash report will take no longer than 40 minutes to complete.

**For a crash that occurred in 2016, please use the paper form MV4002.

Obtaining a Crash Report
Through WI DOT, you may purchase and print crash reports that have occurred in the last 90 days online.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT)
Accident Records Unit
P.O. Box 7919
Madison, WI 53707-7919

An accident entry will be put on the record of each driver shown on the accident report. Accident entries remain on the driver record for 4 years from the date of the accident.

Accident entries on your driver record

Regardless of fault, accidents appear on the driver record of all drivers involved in a reportable accident.

The driver record only shows involvement in an accident on a specific date, the severity and the county of occurrence. It does not show who was at fault.

Insurance companies secure information from your driver record and other sources to determine if any claims have been paid out under your policy.

You can obtain an official copy of your driver record. There is a $5 fee for each record requested.

If the information on your driver record does not agree with the information that your insurance company has, you will need to contact your insurance company for further information and clarification.

Those who have access to accident data are:

  • WisDOT for analysis of highway safety.
  • DMV for administration of the safety responsibility law.
  • Law enforcement agencies for selective enforcement.
  • Traffic safety commissions and traffic engineers for safety and elimination of hazards.
  • Driver educators, legislators, insurance companies and other interested parties.
  • County highway safety commissions to meet their duties under S. 83.013, Wis. Statutes.
  • Local units of government to target specific accident locations.
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