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Incident Type:  Vicious Dog
Incident Date:  7-12-11
Incident Location:  723 Hollister Avenue, Tomah
Dog Owner:  Darrell Towne, 723 Hollister Avenue, Tomah
Home Owner: Justin Towne, 723 Hollister Avenue, Tomah

Details:  The Tomah Police Department received a report that a dog was at large at 723 Hollister Avenue and was trying to bite a juvenile female. Tomah Police Officers also learned that the dog had crossed Hollister Avenue and was growling and barking at a juvenile male.  The male had to fend off the dog, utilizing his skateboard. Eventually, bystanders drove by and were able to help the children escape the vicinity of the vicious dog.

Tomah Police Officers arrived and were confronted by a Pitbull-type dog, standing in the street and being aggressive towards officers.  The dog made an aggressive approach towards the officers so pepper spray was used.  The dog backed to the sidewalk in front of 723 Hollister Avenue.  The officers attempted to contain the dog. The dog continued to be aggressive towards officers and pepper spray was deployed a second time.

During the standoff between officers and the dog, a citizen backed his truck approximately two houses north of the dog’s location in an attempt to retrieve the juvenile female’s bike.  The aggressive dog charged towards the citizen.

After this, the dog began to return to 723 Hollister Avenue, with officers nearby. During this time, the dog lunged at an officer, with bared teeth and its ears back. The officer fired at and struck the dog.  This caused the dog to retreat to the rear of the residence and then inside.

The home owner, who was not the owner of the dog, arrived and assisted officers in determining the status of the dog.  Based on apparent injuries and remaining threat, the home owner and officers determined the dog would be euthanized.

The dog owner arrived at the residence and the incident leading to the death of his dog was explained.

The Tomah Police Department would like to thank the citizens who assisted with this incident.  We feel that if they had not, the dog most likely would have caused harm to someone.

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