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Date – March 21, 2012
Type – Information, Severe Weather Warning Sirens
Location – City of Tomah

The City of Tomah will begin monthly testing of the severe weather warning sirens located in the City of Tomah. The sounding of the sirens for the monthly test is scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 12:01 P.M. starting April 4, 2012. Testing the severe weather sirens ensures that the system is operating correctly if and when it is needed.

Currently the City of Tomah has seven severe weather warning sirens located throughout the city.  The sirens are located at Butts Park (formerly known as Lake Park), East Monowau Street, Winnebago Park, LaGrange Ave, Arthur street, and two which are located at or near the Tomah Veterans Administration Hospital.

The severe weather sirens are an outdoor warning system. They are intended to alert people who are outdoors to severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, severe lightening, and high winds. The sirens are not intended to alert people that are inside a structure. A weather alert radio can be a useful tool for that purpose. Families can purchase a weather alert radio as an additional resource for emergency preparedness.

The outdoor sounding sirens are your cue to listen to your local radio and/or television for information concerning severe weather in the area. You must make an informed decision on your safety and the safety of your family and take immediate action. DO NOT call 9-1-1 to ask for weather information.

When severe weather is approaching the City of Tomah and the severe weather sirens are activated turn to your radio, television or a weather alert radio for more information to determine the area affected and the time frame involved.  When necessary take appropriate shelter.  Know in advance where you and your family can take shelter.

A timely warning gives an opportunity for people to make informed decisions about what they will do to avoid injuries from severe storms.

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