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News Release

Date – November 13, 2010
Type – Information, Suspicious Activities
Location – City of Tomah

On November 13, 2010 the Tomah Police Department became aware of an incident which occurred approximately one week ago.

While attending church a citizen from Tomah was approached by an unknown female outside the church.  She explained that she was having financial problems and asked if she could have $10.00.  After getting the $10.00 she asked for an address so that she could send the money back to the person when she was better off.  The female was not a member of the church, did not attend church that day, and was not known to the person she approached.

Although it is unknown if the person’s intent was to get the money, or if the actual intent was to get the address of the person attending church, the Tomah Police Department suggests not providing this information in this situation.

If you have recently been approached and asked for money and then provided the person with your address please contact the Tomah Police Department at 608 374-7400.

Lieutenant Mark Nicholson
Tomah Police Department
608 374-7406