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                        The Tomah Police Department is saddened to announce the death of retired police K-9 Sierra at the age of 13.  K-9 Sierra served the Tomah Police Department from April of 2000 until his retirement in October of 2009.  K-9 Sierra was raised by Tomah Police Department Sergeant Christopher Weaver and completed patrol dog and drug detector dog training at the Ramsey County, MN Sheriff’s Department Regional Canine Training Center in June of 2000.  During his nine year career K-9 Sierra easily transitioned through many roles and was able to apprehend criminals, search for illegal drugs and interact with school children all in the same day.  After retirement K-9 Sierra easily adapted to his role as a pet for the Sergeant Weaver’s family.

K-9 Sierra
June 13, 1998 ~ October 27, 2011

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