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Tomah Police Department K-9 Unit

January 31, 2016: Officer Hintz and K-9 Jager left the City of Tomah for employment with the Holmen Police Department. K-9 Jager was sold to the Holmen Police Department and transferred there with Officer Hintz. We wish Officer Hintz and K-9 Jager success with their new employment.

Go get them Jager!

K-9 Jager - STARTED ON OCTOBER 5, 2009

Officer Hintz has been selected as the next Canine Handler for the Tomah Police Department.  Officer Hintz has attended a four-week school in North Carolina, where he has trained with a newly acquired Police Dog, K-9 Jager.  Upon returning to Tomah from training, Officer Hintz and K-9 Jager replaced Sergeant Weaver and his K-9 partner Sierra. K-9 Sierra retired after a great 9.5 years of Service. We thank Sergeant Weaver and K-9 Sierra for their dedication to the City of Tomah Police Department.

(K-9 Jager - Taken March 2011)

(Officer Hintz and K-9 Jager at National Night Out - 2010)

(K-9 Jager in front of K9 Police Tahoe - Taken February 2010)

OCTOBER 27, 2011
We are saddened with the loss of retired Police K-9 Sierra.

K-9 Sierra
June 13, 1998 ~ October 27, 2011


K-9 Sierra - RETIRED ON OCTOBER 5, 2009

The Tomah Police Department Canine Unit is a partnership between Sgt. Chris Weaver and his partner, K-9 Sierra. Sgt. Weaver has been with the Department since December 1997 and raised Sierra from a puppy. K-9 Sierra is a male black and tan color German Sheppard dog and joined the Department in June of 2000. Sgt. Weaver and K-9 Sierra completed Basic Patrol Dog School at the Ramsey County, MN Sheriff's Office Regional K-9 Training Center in St. Paul, MN. Sgt. Weaver and K-9 Sierra attended training together for 12 weeks. By investing this amount of time Sgt. Weaver was able to gain the necessary skills to provide on going training, testing and evaluation of the Canine Unit.

Sgt. Weaver and K-9 Sierra not only work their scheduled shift (10 PM - 8 AM), but are also on-call to assist the members of the Police Department with a wide variety of tasks. K-9 Sierra is a dual-purpose patrol dog. While the term "dual-purpose" implies two jobs, it is somewhat deceiving. First, K-9 Sierra is trained as a patrol dog, which involves handler protection, criminal apprehension, tracking, building search, area search, and evidence recovery search. Secondly, K-9 Sierra is trained as a drug detector dog and he is trained to detect marijuana, cocaine/crack, methamphetamine, heroin and ecstasy. In addition to these trained jobs K-9 Sierra serves as a community relations ambassador for the Department. Sgt. Weaver and K-9 Sierra attend many community events, conduct demonstrations, walk in parades and many other activities.

(K-9 Sierra During 2008 National Night Out Demonstration)